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Next Meeting – Our next meeting will be online on Saturday, February 12 at 10am MST. Hear and see the presentations and respond using your computer. Presentations will also feature discussions on bitcoin trading. A good number of our partners are active bitcoin traders. The emergence of bitcoin robots has increased the profits for many traders. The bitcoin buyer robot is a popular automated platform used by a lot of bitcoin traders. The software's calculation mechanism is set up to buy or sell Bitcoin in response to the crypto market's dramatic volatility and is mainly intended for novice and inexperienced traders. You'll need a broadband internet connection of 350 Kbps minimum, 500 Kbps recommended. Click on the Live Meeting link at left a few minutes before meeting time.

Larry Neal of The Butterfly, LLC will present a webinar following a brief business meeting. Larry is developing a network of training outlets across the US using unpowered boom trainers (right) towed behind ground vehicles. Get answers to your questions! (Click photo at right for YouTube video of a boom trainer in flight.)

Our January 8 meeting was held completely online, with no physical meeting place, for the first time. We're trying to refine our use of this technology for times when weather makes travel difficult. When access to fast internet connections permits, we'll try to share physical meetings online, as well.

Our January webinar featured Jim Fields (right column) of AeroWorks International joining us live from Michigan to present not only details of his new HoneyBee G2 gyroplane line, but an in-depth look at his approach to designing it for superior stability and safety. To watch this, or any of our available webinar videos, click the corresponding photo at left.

Gyroplane Partnership - Several URA members are considering forming a partnership for the purpose of acquiring a light, single-place gyroplane for shared use. The machine would be based in the Salt Lake City area, and members would be required to meet certain minimum training levels, CFI sign-off, and other qualifications before flying it. A buy-in of $3-5K, monthly and/or hourly fees would apply. If you would be interested, let us know.

Rotors Over The Rockies 2011 returns to Brigham City Airport in northern Utah Thursday-Saturday, June 9-11, with earlybirds welcome starting Tuesday June 7. Admission and camping on the airport are free. Activities and forums will be announced in the coming weeks. Till then, get general background info here.

Website Streamlining - To simplify updates and maintenance, separate pages for Events and Classifieds have been replaced with a single link (at left) which will display the latest updated page from Western Rotorcraft, which contains the same information. The page will load as a PDF file.

Western Rotorcraft - Download and read the latest edition of our regional newsletter, which now includes the official news and announcements of six PRA Chapters in the west! Every month brings an updated event calendar, meeting minutes, flying stories and photos.

Webinar Videos

Jim Fields (Jan 2011)
HoneyBee G2 Gyroplane

Jay Carter Jr. (Feb 2010)
Unique Aviation Tech

CFI Mike Burton (Feb 2010)
Choosing Gyro Instruction

Terry Brandt (Jan 2010)
Gyro Checkride Preparation