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What's included in my membership?

URA members enjoy voting rights on motions presented at meetings, and in elections for officers; gain exclusive access to an electronic roster for contacting other members; free classified ads for aviation-related items; archives of past newsletters in PDF format; association documents such as bylaws and past meeting minutes in searchable form; video recordings of selected past meetings and webinars; and, when available, special offers and discounts offered by vendors of rotorcraft products and services.

Members in the US receive the printed version of our newsletter by mail, or may opt out and receive it electronically to preserve URA's financial resources. Members outside the US receive the newsletter electronically.

About URA Dues

Our dues are $24/year, non-refundable. All memberships end June 30 each year, and new members joining us in most months other than July pay dues pro-rated to the next June 30 at $2/month. ($22 in August, $20 in September, etc.) New members joining in May or June pay the full-year rate for membership through June 30 of the following year. Dues are payable by check when mailing a paper membership application, or by credit card or PayPal after submitting a brief online application form found below.

When your membership is due for renewal, credit card and PayPal users will have the additional option to choose annual automatic payment.

All applications are subject to approval by the membership of URA.

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