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Upon discovering there was no local organization serving rotorcraft enthusiasts in the northern Utah area, five local enthusiasts (at right) launched the Utah Rotorcraft Association in July, 2007, and affiliated with the Popular Rotorcraft Association as its local Chapter 2. Our meetings and events have drawn members and guests from at least seven western states.

URA now holds some monthly meetings in person, others online. We distribute instructional webinars to members and visitors, facilitate regional access to training and inspection services at our annual Rotors Over The Rockies event, keep enthusiasts up to date through an e-mail list, and publish Western Rotorcraft, which now pools the content of six PRA chapters in the west.

Purpose and Activities

Our mission is the promotion of education and safety among enthusiasts of personal rotorcraft. In addition to our own activities, we organize carpools which allow economical travel to rotorcraft events all over the US, from the El Mirage Dry Lake in Calfornia to the annual PRA Convention in Mentone, Indiana. And the long drive with friends is one of the best parts of the trip!

It is possible to spend many millions of dollars to obtain and learn to fly a helicopter. There are also homebuilders who have managed to get airborne under a set of rotors for under $10,000. Regardless of where along this cost continuum your intentions fall, the one common need is proper training, and helping you find the necessary resources will be an ongoing goal of URA.


Members of the Utah Rotorcraft Association range in age from early-20s to late-80s. Some of us are already licensed pilots, some are in training, and for some flying a personal rotorcraft is still just "a twinkle in the eye."

We already have rotorcraft under construction, a few built and flying, and an annual event becoming a must-visit for many. Our region is blessed with outstanding VFR weather, spectacular places to fly, and training facilities for students in both helicopters and gyroplanes.

You are not alone! In the relatively short time our organization has existed, we've already accomplished much. We look forward to supporting you in reaching your goals, and sharing the sky!