Webmeeting Channel

The URA Webmeeting Channel is a system developed to facilitate online meetings and webinars. Attendees can use a variety of computers, provided they are equipped with a sound card and speakers, an internet browser, and can run an up-to-date version of Flash. This system has been used to conduct the URA Winter Webinar Series, and has also been used in winter months for monthly meetings of PRA Chapter 2.

To test your computer for compatibility in advance, click here.

If you're here to participate in a scheduled meeting or webinar, and the session has been started, click here to join. You'll be prompted for name, location and e-mail address.

The URA Winter Webinar Series, archives of which can be found in our Public Library, have been conducted using this technology. Presentations, prepared in PowerPoint or similar software, ordinary JPEG slides or even simple text documents can be shared with an audience of up to 200 attendees. The presenter's voice is heard through the computer speakers of attendees, who can respond, ask questions and even vote using a mouse and keyboard. An alternative audio distribution method allows the presenter and all participants to share a telephone conference call.

Recordings allow the presentation to be archived on a website, in files which usually are less than 1 MB per minute in size. This allows even modest website hosting plans to accommodate the videos. Typically, viewership from the archives can be much larger than the live audience. It is also possible to produce recordings directly, without involving a live group of participants.

Subject to advance notice and availability, the URA Webmeeting Channel is available free to any Personal Rotorcraft group in the western US. For information, including specifications for presentations, contact Paul Plack, Secretary, [email protected].

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