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The Utah Rotorcraft Association
became a 501(c)(3) Utah corporation in 2011. URA is fully independent, and focused on developing sources of education, training and general information for Personal Rotorcraft enthusiasts, with an emphasis on the FAA's Northwest/Mountain and Western/Pacific regions. This segment of aviation suffers from a daunting shortage of FAA Certified Flight Instructors and gyroplanes authorized for training, especially in the western US.

Initial fundraising goals of URA include covering at least a portion of the expenses to bring itinerant instruction to the region around the time of the annual Rotors Over The Rockies meet in Utah, and establishing a permanent facility for the origination of URA's popular distance-learning activities. The URA Webmeeting Channel is also available for use by other rotorcraft groups at no charge, and accommodates up to 200 attendees for meetings and webinars.

URA produces a monthly newsletter, Western Rotorcraft (WR), which pools the news of several active rotorcraft groups in the western US. The current issue can be downloaded free by clicking the thumbnail image of the cover in the left column of this page. WR is distributed to members of the various groups participating, and through an arrangement with the Popular Rotorcraft Association it also is sent free to over 2,000 enthusiasts nationwide. The "Free Subscription" link on the left will automatically bring you WR and other enthusiast publications via e-mail.

URA provides instructional seminars at Rotors Over The Rockies which cover such topics as aircraft history, selection and construction, pilot training, regulatory issues, and avionics. We are building an online library of text, photo and video content which currently includes previous webinar recordings, past issues of Western Rotorcraft, and a variety of links to other resources.

URA is not affiliated with PRA or any of its chapters nor any manufacturer, retailer, training organization or airport. Enthusiasts looking for social and fraternal activities are invited to participate in a local PRA chapter. Several in the west are linked at left.

Donations to URA are tax-deductible, and will help us reach our organization's goals. A variety of options are available on our Donate page using a major credit card. Those who would like to participate more directly are welcome to join the organization. Our Members Only section includes bylaws, minutes of past meetings, and a list of members.

If you are new to Personal Rotorcraft, visit our FAQ and Library, get WR through our free subscription, and feel free to contact us with any further questions!